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Medical Funding Consultants, LLC provides medical funding solutions to those who have sustained a traumatic injury and require further medical care due to the nature of their injury. In the past, health care providers performed services such as: acute/post acute rehabilitation, diagnostic imaging, and surgeries to accident victims on a Letter of Protection (LOP) or lien. In this scenario, the health care providers assume full risk in providing care to the patient in hopes that their patients' legal claim would resolve at some point in the future and their services, in turn, be paid..


BENEFITS FOR THE HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY AND PATIENTS Because of the uncertainty with LOP/lien type cases many providers turn away personal injury victims. However, by turning away this business, you are forgoing an incredible influx of cash flow back to your facility. But, now through our funding network, we eliminate the financial risk for our providers. Read more...


If you have a client that is the victim of an accident and is unable to receive medical care due to lack of Health Insurance coverage of any kind, WE CAN HELP!! As medical lien funding specialists, we make it easy for physicians and healthcare facilities to accept LOP/ lien patients. Read more...


Our hours are from: Mon - Fri: 9AM - 9PM Sat: 10AM - 7PM Sun: Closed Feel free to contact us by: TELEPHONE: Dr. Ihan Rodriguez: (407) 448-8988 Mr. W. Blake Barber: (321) 230-7900 FAX: (321) 249-0510 Or simply click on the icon above to send us a message.